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Bernie and the Wizards: young adult fantasy
Steve LeBel
4.8 Rating (42)

Healed by Love
Melissa Foster
4.7 Rating (180)

Meal Prep: Fast and Easy Recipes for Weight Loss and Clean Eating
Clayton West
4.6 Rating (21)

The Fifth Commandment

by: Eve Gaal
New! No Ratings Yet!

After Christina breaks the Fifth Commandment, strange things begin to happen - and take her away from home in Normal, Illinois. Now, she’s back and has to tell them the story within a story, but how can she make them believe? So she had made a mistake - but didn’t all teenagers do the same thing ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon


by: John Reinhard Dizon
FREE Fiction
4.1 Star Rating from 8 Reviews

After commando Carl Hansen is recalled from the frozen wastelands of Western Russia to thwart the Allied invasion in 1944 Normandy, his love affair with the French heiress Angelique Dagineau becomes his only reason to survive the cataclysmic battle ahead. As the French Resistance rises across Southe ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

A Room of My Own

by: Ann Tatlock
4.6 Star Rating from 101 Reviews

Excellence in Media “Silver Angel Award” Virginia, the young daughter of a wealthy doctor’s family, sees her life forever altered by the Great Depression. Forced to give up her own room so that relatives can move in, her resentment at those circumstances is altered as she helps her father, w ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Devil in the Dust

by: Cara Luecht
4 Star Rating from 2 Reviews

June 1933Their small Oklahoma town is dying. Lillian remembers how acres and acres of wheat once waved under jewel-blue skies. Now the dirt stretches across the flat land as far as she can see.Emma's husband is missing. She keeps house, keeps her five children fed as best as she can, and keeps smili ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Daughters of Deliverance

by: Lorry Lutz
FREE Fiction
5 Star Rating from 6 Reviews

In 1886, thirty-one year old Katharine Bushnell gives up her medical practice to work with women living on Chicago's Hell's Half Acre and in the brutal lumber camps of Wisconsin. Her love for God and passion to see women released from bondage lead her to risk her own freedom and reputation for their ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Pilhannaw

by: Richard French
FREE Fiction
New! No Ratings Yet!

It is March, 1649, the end of winter in an English colony that resembles Massachusetts. Simon Willoughby, who has governed the colony for most of its 19 years, comes home from his first trip away after recovering from a winter illness. The challenge he wanted -- perhaps his final one -- looms in ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Harlem Renaissance Time Traveler's Diary

by: Lashonda Beauregard
New! No Ratings Yet!

West Barrington, a musician from 1926 Harlem, seems to have everything going for him. A job at the most popular nightclub in Harlem, a music career that is taking off, and a girlfriend, Lanna Gold, who's the lead singer of the group Crystal Dream. But when West awakens after falling asleep on the ev ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Last Pirate at Fort Matanzas

by: Charles Frankhauser
4.3 Star Rating from 7 Reviews

A novella is written to entertain all readers interested in pirate stories with an historical basis leading toward humorous episodes in the storyline. The adventures of a peasant in Madrid as a gardener on an estate lead to a new title: Captain Alberto Dicer of the pirate ship El Dreadful. The ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Perilous Dreams

by: Lynn Landes
BARGAIN Fiction > Historical
New! No Ratings Yet!

Pursued by a psychopath across a sea of dreams, Summer Denning watches her future unravel. Dr. Charles Denning moves his family from England to start his new post at the prestigious Harvard Medical University. Bound for Boston with his wife and three daughters, he is unaware of the danger that st ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Short stories for children: 22 night time stories

by: Kita book
New! No Ratings Yet!

CONTENTS 1. Birds of different feathers 2. The apricot tree 3. Simon Says 4. The backwards genie 5. The rangoli 6. Home at last 7. Pebble on the beach 8. A new region! 9. The crooked picture 10. Climbing a hill 11. Raju becomes a businessman 12. Aapa, don't go 13. The first flight 14. ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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Wipe Out
Rose Pressey

Description:A man is found murdered on the beach in Miami, and the contact information of a local private detective is found on his body. Now P.I. Maggie Thomas is thrown into the case. Why had the murdered man been looking for her? But there's more than one murder to solve, and she's determined to prove that she has top notch detective skills, despite what handsome detective Jake Jackson thinks. Lucky for Maggie she has the help of her orthopedic shoe-wearing assistant Dorothy Raye. Knitting needles make good weapons in a life or death situation, and Dorothy's not afraid to use them! ...
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