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Into the Deep

by: Lauryn April
4.2 Star Rating from 29 Reviews

Ivy Daniels is a high school junior still learning who she is. After an accident, Ivy finds herself with an ability she doesn't want, an ability to uncover secrets which quickly begins to redefine what she thinks about the people around her as well as herself. Because of this ability, Ivy becomes ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Recoil Trilogy 3 Book Boxed Set: Including Recoil, Refuse and Rebel

by: Joanne Macgregor
BARGAIN Young Adult
New! No Ratings Yet!

She's a gamer, a sniper, a girl... When a skilled gamer gets recruited as a sniper in the war against a terrorist-produced pandemic, she discovers there’s more than one enemy and more than one war. The Game is real, and love is in the crosshairs. The Recoil Trilogy is an intense, fast-paced youn ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Firebirds and the Gilded Cage

by: Harry Simpson
4.6 Star Rating from 5 Reviews

Seven school children are being told a story when they fall asleep as though a spell has been cast over them. They awaken to a changed world. Their principal has turned into a witch and made living copies of them to send home in their place. Now prisoners of school, they live in a fabulous dormit ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

A Cowboy downunder: a mystery and a romance

by: Michael Mardel
4.3 Star Rating from 3 Reviews

HOW HARD IS IT TO BE A COWBOY? Meet Paul who's already 15 and returning to the Kimberley after living in town when he was 10. He's in the country now, learning to ride a horse, how to muster cattle and mend fences. There's a murder mystery party with a twist and a bit of romance but how wi ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Four Legends: A Futuristic Sci-Fi Novel for Teens

by: Michael Warren
BARGAIN Young Adult
New! No Ratings Yet!

The Four Legends is a fast-paced futuristic novel set in 2095 that explores what it means to be part of the human race. Being chosen as a Legend on the Extra-Terrestrial Living Station is a dream come true for every teenager coming of age. The story follows four teenagers on a Quest to retrieve valu ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Anna's Ether (Steampunk/Cyberpunk Time Traveler Series Book 1)

by: Wesley Gray
New! No Ratings Yet!

After a Victorian era inventor's wife dies... he travels through time and lands in a post-apocalyptic London, hoping someone can cure his wife’s tuberculosis. With a deadly struggle for Earth’s diminishing resources raging, he must decide whether to bring her into this hellish future or just let ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Insider's Havana Travel Guide: All the Info You Need to Know About Cuba's Capital

by: CyberFelt Media Services
BARGAIN Young Adult
4.6 Star Rating from 3 Reviews

Traveling to Havana, Cuba is no small feat, and there frankly isn't a ton of information about everything you need to know when visiting the capital city. The Insider's Havana Travel Guide gives you all the info you need to know, including transportation, shopping, the best hotels, restauran ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

When Ash Rains Down (Kingdom Come Book 1)

by: cecelia earl
BARGAIN Young Adult
4.5 Star Rating from 24 Reviews

Something is off about the world lately... Julia has a routine: work, study, school. She doesn't have time for friends, and she certainly doesn't have time for fun. When her father left home, he took away her faith and carefree spirit. Since the day he left, she's worked as hard as she could, det ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Which Path 55 Life Lessons

by: Kevin Avy
5 Star Rating from 2 Reviews

Which Path contains 55 real life applicable life lessons that can help you avoid, deter, and confront adverse situations. Additionally, it reflects the significance of having a relationship with GOD, even when the decisions we make are not godly. ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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Ride: The Bet (Puca Mates)
A.C. James

Description:Felicity Forrest’s investigation to find the púca shapeshifter responsible for strange accidents haunting a construction site takes an unexpected turn.Niall O’Leary is tall, dark, and totally alpha. He’s also the Chieftan’s son. His mission collides with Felicity’s investigation and sparks fly. Will they pick up where they left off at the end of part one?Reader Note: This book is for those who are 18+. It contains language, sexual situations, and a cliffhanger. However, if you like curvy girl romance, a stallion who can’t resist his curvy woman, and a dash of humor, then this is the story for you. Please read these installments in order. Enjoy! ...
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