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Return to Walhalla
Laura Poole
4.5 Rating (62)

Billionaire Unmasked ~ Jason
J.S Scott
4.5 Rating (529)

The Virgin Auction: Prelude To Billionaire Unloved
J.S Scott
4.6 Rating (87)

Tempting Harry (The Hawke Fortune Book 4)

by: Victoria Pinder
FREE Romance
4.4 Star Rating from 39 Reviews

One lawyer who believes in the law above all. One former sinner who ruined lives. Attraction wasn’t supposed to happen.He’s a constitutional lawyer with a burgeoning career, but no matter how many accolades he receives, Harrison Hughes will always be alone. His parents are long-dead. His love l ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Calm Before the Storm

by: Angelica Kate
FREE Romance
4.2 Star Rating from 5 Reviews

Emily is doing everything she can to protect her two young children, including a late night bus trip to parts unknown where her ex can’t find her. She just needs a little time to heal from the last physical encounter and figure out her next move. She is determined to find a way to make more of h ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Sea Cliff

by: Mary Deal
FREE Romance
New! No Ratings Yet!

Rachael Connor has great looks, money and a home of her own, but childhood abuse has left her fearful of men.When Rachael meets Matthew, she begins to rethink her life. He falls in love with her, but Rachael rebukes him, living by the "rules" her father taught her.She soon has an epiphany about how ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

At Close Range (Ranger Ops Book 1)

by: Em Petrova
4.7 Star Rating from 56 Reviews

Bullets aren’t the only things flying on this mission... When Texas Ranger Nash Sullivan finds himself in a hailstorm of gunfire during a bunker raid, he handles himself—and those around him—with his usual skill and sharp wit. It seems his charm worked its wonders too, because he’s gone fro ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Love's Foolish Punch

by: S M Mala
3.9 Star Rating from 10 Reviews

Molly Drew's life has taken a downward turn in the past few years. Once, she was the creator of a successful puppet on a children's television programme. Her material covered left hand making her a fortune until her presenter partner was caught using his right hand on another man, in a very publ ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Their Bond Through Jade

by: Iris Blobel
New! No Ratings Yet!

Pikorua, the Maori name for the symbol, is a twist that is said to symbolise the strength of the bond between two people. Mat is certain there is something between Tiffany and him. When Tiffany Cahill opens the door to the police, memories flood her mind of the previous year and a relationship go ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Reviled

by: Cynthia A. Morgan
FREE Romance
4.7 Star Rating from 23 Reviews

In the mystical realm of Jyndari, a relationship between two unsuspecting, yet kindred souls who are separated by far more than social stigma, blossoms in secrecy that could shatter both their worlds. Ayla, a Light-loving Guardian of Childfey, hides more than a few secrets; secrets that isolate he ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Visions of the Heart (The School of Dreams Book 2)

by: Julia Sutton
FREE Romance
New! No Ratings Yet!

The first year at Chattlesbury University is coming to an end. Five students have become friends, and their lives are progressing both academically and personally.Forced to mature too soon, can Will's life ever be the same again?Crippled by personal loss, can Evelyn overcome her grief?Secrets and re ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Baylee Breaking

by: Simone Beaudelaire
FREE Romance
New! No Ratings Yet!

After a bitter divorce from his childhood sweetheart, Chase moves across Texas looking for a new start. There, he encounters Baylee: pretty, fragile, and completely uninterested in Chase. Or is she?Chase soon realizes that there is more to the haunted-looking brunette than he could have possibly ima ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

TWO HEARTS UNDER FIRE (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 8)

by: Tamara Ferguson
New! No Ratings Yet!

While On The Run, Can Two Wounded Hearts Under Fire Survive Love?Three years ago, members of Airman Russ Quinlan’s team were targeted and captured during transport in Iraq. When Russ discovers the only other survivor was left for dead after a brutal assault by insurgents, he realizes his covert mi ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Until You Came Along: The Oliver Boys Band Series Book One

by: Rose Bak
5 Star Rating from 3 Reviews

The Oliver Brothers Band is one of the most successful boy bands in history. But after ten years of non-stop touring, they're ready for a break. The four brothers head home to the family farm in Kansas to think about their future, and mend fences with their estranged sister Jen. Jen's been mana ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Books for Girls - TWINS : Book 1: Swapped!

by: Katrina Kahler
FREE Romance
5 Star Rating from 4 Reviews

Books for Girls 9-12: Twins is the exciting and suspenseful story of twelve year old Casey who unexpectedly finds herself face to face with a new girl named Ali Jackson, the latest addition to Casey's class at school. Usually it would be fun to have a new girl arrive. But not this time!When Casey re ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Secret Catch: A Sports Romance Bundle

by: Celia Wild
FREE Romance
New! No Ratings Yet!

Enjoy romance, action and drama packed sports books in this bundle. I was only looking for a one-night stand. But I am coming back for more. ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Forever In My Heart

by: Rosalee Adams
FREE Romance
New! No Ratings Yet!

Two sisters’ torn apart by fate…can their lives ever be the same again?Mail Order Bride, Ines, has been married to Douglas Ristow for four years - together they have a young daughter Linnie.For the most part, they get along well and enjoy each other’s company, having grown to love one another ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Mail Order Bride: Winning the Sheriff's Heart: Sweet, Clean, Inspirational Western Historical Romance

by: Callie Gardner
FREE Romance
4.8 Star Rating from 11 Reviews

Marianne Pryor had thought that her life was perfect. She had a caring husband, a flourishing homestead, and a darling son, Peter. Tragedy strikes when her husband dies suddenly from yellow fever, and now she is at the mercy of her brother-in-law.Carlton Pryor is an evil brute of a man who has desig ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

A KISS BENEATH A STRAWBERRY MOON (Daydreams & Dragonflies Rock 'N Sweet Romance 3)

by: Tamara Ferguson
New! No Ratings Yet!

Will Fate and the Magic Of A Kiss Beneath A Strawberry Moon Reunite a Star and a Wounded Veteran Composer?Vocalist Marielle McKinnon and composer Drew Kendall find love one magical summer after a Kiss Beneath A Strawberry Moon.The future looks perfect for the two of them. Marielle’s a rising star, ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Billionaire in Disguise: A Clean Fake Marriage Romance

by: Jenna Brandt
New! No Ratings Yet!

A billionaire playboy banished to an island, a local girl trying to save her family's legacy. What happens when their worlds collide resulting in a fake marriage?Ethan Winthrop has drifted through life, his billionaire trust fund making it easy for him to party his life away. But when his troublemak ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Yuletide Angel: A mysterious benefactor ... a secret guardian ... and a love sweeter than grace.

by: Sandra Ardoin
FREE Romance
4.7 Star Rating from 88 Reviews

It's the 1890s in Meadowmead and someone is venturing out at night to leave packages at the homes of the needy. Dubbed "The Yuletide Angel," no one knows the identity of this mysterious benefactor. No one, except Hugh Barnes, a confirmed bachelor who finds himself drawn to the outwardly shy but inwa ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Return to Walhalla

by: Laura Poole
FREE Romance
4.5 Star Rating from 62 Reviews

When financier Penny Ruskin returns to Walhalla, South Carolina, she has one purpose—to settle her grandmother's estate and sell the Victorian house she grew up in. Not an easy task with the downturned economy. When she loses her job in the state capital, what other choice does she have but to sta ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

A Perfect Weakness

by: Jennifer Davids
FREE Romance
New! No Ratings Yet!

The Civil War left its mark on Dr. John Turner. He turns his back on medicine and sees his unexpected inheritance in England as an opportunity to start over. But he never imagines how God intends to use his new role as lord of Ashford Hall — or the beautiful woman he finds there — to ease his tr ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

New Mercies

by: Julia Colquitt Allen
4.6 Star Rating from 17 Reviews

Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, this inspirational story has been touted by readers as "a sweet and gentle romance" that "catches your heart". Promising new author Julia Colquitt Allen weaves an inspirational tale about the stigma that Christians face following a divorce, particularly should they cons ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Parisian Billionaire Sugar Daddy Agency

by: S. L. Finlay
New! No Ratings Yet!

When intrepid small town America Lindsay hops off her plane in Paris - the city she has decided she will live in to get away from her boring former life - high rental prices and few opportunities for employment mean that when Lindsay is led into the offices of a sugar daddy agency, she sees dollar s ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Virgin Auction: Prelude To Billionaire Unloved

by: J.S Scott
4.6 Star Rating from 87 Reviews

For Readers of The Billionaire's Obsession series, read about The Virgin Auction from Ruby's POV and what happens once the highest bidder wins!!! Ruby: What happens when a homeless woman is kidnapped and her body is put up for auction to the highest bidder? Well, it seems like pretty much n ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Forbidden Blossom

by: Nola Li Barr
BARGAIN Romance > Historical
4.6 Star Rating from 33 Reviews

Can a mysterious inheritance from an eccentric billionaire right a wrong from generations ago? When Anne is plunged into the lives of the top one percent she finds herself entangled with a cutthroat family who will do anything to keep the past buried. As she uncovers generations of secrets that s ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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Her Unbridled Cowboy
Donna Michaels


Harland County Series
Unruly cowboys and the women who tame them...
Book 2: Connor
*Can be read as a stand alone*

Homeless and unemployed thanks to an earthquake, divorced California chef Kerri Masters agrees to head back to her hometown to help plan her sister's Texas wedding. It must be her weakened state that has her eyeing the neighbor she used to follow around as a child. Her tastes tend towards gentlemen in suits, cultured, and neatly groomed—not a dimple-glaring, giant of a cowboy. He's big and virile, and makes her want things the inadequacies brought out during her divorce keep her from carrying out.

Connor McCall's brotherly feelings for the pesky former neighbor disappear when the grown up version steps on his ranch in her fancy clothes and shiny heels. Too bad she's a city girl, because he has no use for them. Three times he tried to marry one, and three times the engagements failed. He's not looking for number four no ...

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