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Coming Home to You (Man from Yesterday Book 1)
Barbara Lohr
4.4 Rating (59)

The Sweet Taste of Murder
CeeCee James
4.4 Rating (82)

Complicated Blue: The Extraordinary Adventures of the Good Witch Anaïs Blue
P J Whittlesea
5 Rating (8)

Meet Me In Secret (Meet Me Novella Series Book 4)

by: Kelly Collins
FREE Romance
4.8 Star Rating from 13 Reviews

Meet Me In SecretJoss Meyer has never known stability. She has a failed relationship, a dead-end job, and nowhere to live. With few options, and through the insistence from her online friend, Lucky, she searches on Craigslist and finds the perfect apartment, in a terrific neighborhood, for a price s ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

A Cold Tomorrow (Point Pleasant)

by: Mae Clair
4.8 Star Rating from 21 Reviews

Where secrets make their home…Stopping to help a motorist in trouble, Katie Lynch stumbles upon a mystery as elusive as the Mothman legend that haunts her hometown of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Could the coded message she finds herald an extraterrestrial visitor? According to locals, it wouldn ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Heartland (Singing to the Heart)

by: Sara Ellwood
4.5 Star Rating from 2 Reviews

Sex, drugs, and country music. That was the lifestyle for Emily Kendall, a Texas girl who hit it big on the country music charts--until she found herself pregnant and battling addiction. Now out of rehab and seeking a new life for herself and her unborn child, Emily returns to her hometown of McAlli ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Address to Die For (A Maggie McDonald Mystery)

by: Mary Feliz
4.3 Star Rating from 148 Reviews

For professional organizer Maggie McDonald, moving her family into a new home should be the perfect organizational challenge. But murder was definitely not on the to-do list . . .   Maggie McDonald has a penchant for order that isn’t confined to her clients’ closets, kitchens, and sock drawers ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

What a Woman Needs

by: Caroline Linden
3.9 Star Rating from 35 Reviews

From award-winning author Caroline Linden comes a dazzling tale of seduction, intrigue, and unexpected lessons in love…   Charlotte Griffolino knows a rake when she sees one—and the man her niece longs to marry most definitely qualifies. Stuart Drake is handsome, charming—and penniless. That ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Coming Home to You (Man from Yesterday Book 1)

by: Barbara Lohr
4.4 Star Rating from 59 Reviews

Cole Campbell is buried in Kate’s past, along with their debate club, football games and prom. Or maybe not. Sometimes a girl can’t shake off her memories. Late at night they whisper to her, like beach waves lapping the shoreline. Persistent. Strong. Seductive. Cripes, even his Great Dane Prissy ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Touch of Passion boxed set

by: Traci Hall
4.8 Star Rating from 13 Reviews

Lose yourself in a touch of passion. Whether it’s the beauty in a song or the magic of a kiss, the agony of heartbreak or the hunger of yearning, explore ecstasy and desire in these captivating full-length novels. Written by twelve bestselling, multiple award-winning, USA Today and NY Times author ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Frosted Sweets

by: A.M. Willard
4.4 Star Rating from 115 Reviews

Morgan Lewis, a hopeless romantic and the bubbly owner of the Polka Dot Bakery, couldn't wait to wed the man of her dreams. Feeling giddy as she walks through the park carrying her beautiful wedding dress over her shoulder, she sees a sight no soon-to-be bride should ever see. In that moment, the we ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire, Book 1: A Thrilling Paranormal Romance (The Witch The Wolf And The Vampire)

by: A K Michaels
4.4 Star Rating from 168 Reviews

A witch on the run, hunted by her father…and pursued by two men who desperately want to make her theirs. You know what they say…what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Peri is haunted by memories of her father’s dark, magical cult, who tortured and imprisoned her throughout her childhood. Even ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Rest of Forever

by: Carrie Pulkinen
BARGAIN Romance > Steamy
4.4 Star Rating from 12 Reviews

Suspended between two worlds--belonging to neither--April must let go of her dreams and embrace her duties in the afterlife to win the man she loves. April Carter is a high school history teacher who dreams of finding the perfect man to whisk her away from her small-town life. She wants it all--t ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Dama X (UltraSecurity Series Book 2)

by: J.T. Bock
BARGAIN Romance > Mystery
5 Star Rating from 9 Reviews

UltraAgent Oracle, his only hope. After Surefire’s case, UltraAgent Oracle takes time off from using her mind reading abilities—until a horrific transhuman crime forces her back on the job at UltraSecurity. At the same time, an old promise forces UltraAgent Pax to confront a new villain on th ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Northwest Passage: The First Three Novels (boxed set)

by: John A. Heldt
BARGAIN Romance > Historical
New! No Ratings Yet!

In John A. Heldt’s celebrated Northwest Passage series, an abandoned mine, a haunted house, and a theater restroom are not just curiosities. They are portals to the past. Step into each portal and see the twentieth century through twenty-first century eyes. In THE MINE, a cavalier college senio ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

A Love For Romance - Anthology

by: Kahlen Aymes, Debra Presley, Micalea Smeltzer, Amber Garza, Magan Vernon, Amber Garr, Freya Barker, W. Ferraro, R.C. Stephens, Elizabeth Hayes, Ashlee Taylor, Elison Grace, Sammi Starlight, Misha Elliott, Ashlee Sinn
New! No Ratings Yet!

Do you have a love for romance stories? Included in this anthology are stories that will have you intrigued; make you swoon; all the while warming your heart. Fifteen SBR Media authors present to you: A Love for Romance. A preview of Trading Yesterday by USA Today Bestselling Author Kahlen Ay ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Welcome To Albaterra: A SciFi Alien Romance (Albaterra Mates 0.5)

by: Ashley Hunt
FREE Romance
4.5 Star Rating from 4 Reviews

An Alien royalty. The girl next door. Is the universe against them? I will do anything to protect my race. Except lose her. I am young, powerful, and capable. The world is at my feet. There is nothing I can’t do. But I can’t stop myself from loving her. She’s beautiful and vibrant, the only ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Falling Kind

by: Randileigh Kennedy
4.6 Star Rating from 26 Reviews

We all experience love in different ways - sometimes it comes on as a slow burn that gradually builds over time, but for others it's a fierce love on fire from the moment it begins. Sydney Summers only knows love that ends too soon - which is why she pours her heart and soul into rescuing every ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Her Bleeding Heart

by: S M Mala
4.1 Star Rating from 6 Reviews

Saturday 9.33pm The night that changed her life. Odele thinks she's dead as something bad has happened. The night that changed his life. Davey feels alive as something good has happened. Four years later and that single moment has left its mark on both of them. ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Dragon Claimed: A Powyrworld Urban Fantasy Shifter Romance (The Lost Dragon Princes Book 2)

by: Cecilia Lane
New! No Ratings Yet!

A fire-breathing mob Boss. A court spy with memory loss. A jealous enemy waiting for the right time to destroy them both… After the devastating loss of his mate and the surprise revelation of his dragon shifter Powyr, Eoghan Gilchrist sets himself to consolidating his power as head of a Shadow Mob ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Just Another Maniac Monday (A Page Turners Novel Book 3)

by: Jennie Marts
4.7 Star Rating from 82 Reviews

Is finding your long-lost love worth losing your life? Edna Allen’s Monday goes from mundane to murderous when she opens the front door to find the love of her life standing there. A man she thought had died years ago… after being accused of murder. John Collins is back, bringing with him a char ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon


by: Bella Donnis
FREE Romance
4.1 Star Rating from 30 Reviews

When Jessica loses her place on the volleyball team to the beautiful Katelyn, the same girl who only months earlier stole her boyfriend, Jessica decides to retreat into her shell in an effort to maintain her sanity. Only, fate seems to insist on bringing the two fierce rivals closer together. Thin ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

One More Chance: Christian Fiction (A Series of Chances Book 3)

by: Diane Adams
FREE Romance
4.5 Star Rating from 67 Reviews

If you haven't read Another Chance and Not By Chance, by the same author, you probably won't enjoy One More Chance. Michael believes he should resign from his job in order to be a better husband and father, but it isn't easy to walk away from Casey's. Each time there's a crisis, he uses it as an ex ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Take A Chance: A Christian Romance (A Series of Chances Book 4)

by: Diane Adams
FREE Romance
4.7 Star Rating from 46 Reviews

If you haven't read the first 3 books in A Series of Chances, you probably won’t enjoy Take a Chance. Even while away at college, Franny Grant can’t relinquish her secret hopes for a relationship with Sam Shiloh. Unaware of her devotion, Sam struggles to escape one serious love interest, and th ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

The Butterfly Storm

by: Kate Frost
4.3 Star Rating from 67 Reviews

Four years ago life for Sophie Keech was perfect. A new start in Greece with Alekos, her boyfriend of just six weeks, removes Sophie from a mundane 9-5 job, takes her away from the difficult relationship she has with her mum, and gives her the opportunity and belief that she is finally doing somethi ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Played by Love: Bear's Soccer

by: Rachelle Ayala
FREE Romance
4.3 Star Rating from 16 Reviews

Soccer goalkeeper, Jaden Sloup, has his eye on Ella Kennedy, a woman who won’t date jocks or frat boys. He dons a pair of nerd glasses and hugs a laptop to convince her he’s a techno geek, and she agrees to go to Las Vegas with him for a cosplay convention where his team’s playoff game happens ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Romance in the Sunshine: A Story about Building Relationships

by: Terry Atkinson
FREE Romance
5 Star Rating from 5 Reviews

Genevieve and Ryan are a young couple who enjoy spending their own time in a special place in the park. It's the old stone bench hidden away in the trees and is their special, secret romantic spot. Genevieve is waiting for Ryan to meet her in the park on the old, stone bench. Then Holly arrives in ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon


by: Colleen Charles
4.6 Star Rating from 60 Reviews

Billionaire Callum Markhum is a killer in the boardroom and in the bedroom. He's rich, charming and always gets what he wants. But he has secrets and Lydia Singleton might pay the price. Sweet and innocent Lydia has made him violate his golden rule. Never fall in love. ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Shades of Werewolf

by: T. S. Ryder
BARGAIN Romance > Steamy
4.6 Star Rating from 3 Reviews

A curvy Wolf on the run PLUS a hot Werebear taking her captive PLUS a dangerous enemy on their heels! Between taking care of her twelve younger siblings and always making sure the household is clean and orderly, Mary Locke has never had a moment to herself. She has always felt like an outside ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Friends in High Places

by: Toni DeMaio
5 Star Rating from 8 Reviews

If you like Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle series you'll love Friends in High Places: romance, spice, and a suspenseful plot. When model and party girl Angelica Donovan begins her first assignment as an Angel-in-training she knows guiding human beings isn't going to be easy. But her biggest chall ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?

by: Dr. Frank Chase Jr
BARGAIN Romance > Historical
4.9 Star Rating from 16 Reviews

KLEPTOMANIAC, Who's Really Robbing God Anyway? is a trek through the pages of the Bible to find the untwisted truth about the centuries-old teachings on tithes and offerings. Every page of this book has information that will make you become an analyst in getting to the bottom line of what tithing is ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

Seduced By The Billionaire Art Lover

by: A. S. Price
FREE Romance
4.5 Star Rating from 6 Reviews

After the surprise return of her ex-boyfriend, Oliver, Toni is faced with a difficult choice as she works to make the deadline for Cameron’s commission. Taking history, feelings, and the casual nature of her affair with Cameron into consideration, ... continue reading. - Or view on amazon

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Erin Wright

Description:Is she the answer to his dreams … or the person who will be forced to destroy them? He’s a farmer, dammit, not a bookkeeper. When Stetson Miller inherits his father’s farm in Idaho, he’s too focused on crops and yields to pay attention to the financial side of things. The next thing he knows, he’s got a stack of unpaid bills, the bank is threatening to foreclose … and the auditor who’s come to examine his accounts is the sexiest thing he’s ever laid eyes on. But she’s a city girl, just like the last one who left him at the altar. He'll guard his heart -- but he can't help wanting her.She’s checking him out ... in more ways than one. Jennifer Kendall doesn’t mind a tough job, but the handsome Stetson is trouble of a different kind. When he isn’t making her mad, he’s filling her head with all sorts of forbidden fantasies. The sparks between them fly even faster when the road washes out and Jennifer has to spend the night on the farm. But passion alone won’t ...
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